Mi Tiendecita de Moda Essay

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---Maria Alva’s fashion business

Celso Silva(221535),Dan Lin(220396),Ivan Valverde(221258)
Yinying Li(Sabrina, 220988),Siwen Ma(Stella, 220799)
Instructors: Ray Bennett,Duff Warren,Lisa Koster
Schulich School of Business, York University
Executive Summary
This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current Facebook fashion store Mi Tiendecita de Moda (MTM), which was ran by Maria Alva in Lima, Peru. Methods of analysis include PEST, PORTER FIVE FORCES, and SWOT to examine the basic ability and competitiveness of the enterprise, as well as the potential developing opportunities.

The result of the analysis shows that although Ms. Alva’s business has had a distinguishable achievement in
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1. Introduction 1 2. Data Analysis 2 2.1 Assumptions 2 3. Key Decision Criteria (KDC) 16 4. Alternatives 错误! 未定义书签。 4.1 Combine Strategies 错误! 未定义书签。 4.2 Analyze of the Strategies 错误! 未定义书签。 4. Alternatives 错误! 未定义书签。 4.1 Combine Strategies 错误! 未定义书签。 4.2 Analyze of the Strategies 错误! 未定义书签。 5. Recommendations 20 9. Appendix/Exhibits 25

1. Introduction
This case is about the development and the improvement of Maria Alva’s online fashion store – MI TIENDECITA DE MODA – in Peru.

Maria Alva, born in Peru, earned her undergraduate degree in communication from one of the top universities in Peru. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p1-2) Later, as an international student, she furthered her study at a first-class business school in Singapore where she majored in international MBA with a specialization in marketing. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p2) During that period, she kept close connections with her friends in Peru. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p2)

Alva’s motivation to start MI TIENDECITA DE MODA is “to bring branded U.S. apparel to the modern Peruvian women.” (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p2) She took advantage of the price gap between the U.S. and Peru and initiated to sell to the famous social platform – Facebook. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p2) She realized that she had to manage her store with some unique strategies in order to differentiate herself from others. (Tietz & Urbina, 2015, p3) Fortunately, she fully

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