Mgt2 Task 1 Tools Matrix Essay

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GenRays Matrix Template

Project Management Knowledge Areas Recommended Tool(s) Justification for Tool

Project Integration Management • Expert Judgement

• Project Management Information System

• Change Control Meetings

Expert judgement is the primary tool used to bring the project together. From development of the project charter and development plan, to execution, monitoring and changing, and close of the project, expert skills and experience is used to manage and carry out the tasks to project completion. The project manager must use their expert judgement, with inputs from stakeholder interviews and the project management office to manage the project successfully.

A project
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Additional time dependencies will be explored, identified, and managed throughout the project and could result in change requests, but during the sequencing of work for the project schedule identification of mandatory, discretionary, and external dependencies as possible will minimize needed changes later.

A scheduling tool will be utilized to best schedule human resources for the work on the GenRays HRIS project. Due to existing schedule and location restraints, such as Wednesday meetings being a challenge, a new policy of employee work days being limited to eight hours, and the disparate physical work locations of team members, a scheduling tool will provide an electronic means to record the restraints so that they are considered and can automate schedule development.

Project Management Software will be used to carry out management of the project management information system. With this specialized software, the time in which resources are expected to complete project tasks is recorded and easily monitored as the project executes. If tasks are not completed on schedule, the software will provide an easy identification of the impact on the project schedule overall.

The Critical Path method will be used to identify the shortest and longest amount of time the project will take to complete based on the ordering of tasks and their estimated work time and

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