Mgt 521 Week 3 Essay

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MGT 521 WEEK 3
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MGT 521 WEEK 3
MGT 521 Week 3 Career Plan Building Activity Reasoning Aptitude,MGT 521 week 3 organizational planning,Week 3 Quiz, Reflection A++ GRADED!!!
Navigate to the My Career Plan in Phoenix Career Services through the My Career Plan link.
Complete the Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude.
Review the Reasoning Aptitude results page.
 Add tips to your career plan by selecting the opportunities tab and click the “tips” next to the competency you want to add to your career plan.
 Click the “my career plan” tab on top of your page to view your populated career plan.
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Please explain the following:
 How these plans will achieve the related goals
 The effect of planning decisions on the internal and external stakeholders identified
Required Elements:
 No more than 700 words
 Cite research in your paper to support your writing
 Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit both the worksheet and paper.
Read the “Developing Your Empowering People (Delegating) Skill” Skills Exercise at the end of Ch. 10 of Management.
Discuss the scenario with your Learning Team.
Consider the five behaviors described for delegating to determine how to handle the scenario.
Prepare a 350- to 1,050-word paper detailing how your team would handle the situation described in the scenario.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
Materials on the concept:
 Designing Organizational Structure
 Basic Organizational Design
 Work Specialization
 Departmentalization
 Chain of Command
Top of Form
The process of dividing work activities into separate job tasks is known as ________. work specialization differentiation chain of command span of control
Bottom of Form
Correct :
Work specialization is the division of work activities into

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