Essay on Mgt 521 Final Exam – Latest 2014

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MGT 521 Final Exam – Latest 2014

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MGT 521 Final Exam – Latest 2014 1) When a manager makes use of a SWOT analysis, one of his or her objectives is to 2) 2) A company that wants to distinguish itself from the competition in the marketplace is most likely using which of the following strategies?
3) 3) An organization’s ________ goals are official statements of what an organization says its goals are.
4) 4) When planning for unexpected events, a company is using which of the following techniques?
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If another employee follows Indira’s recommendations in a given situation, based on her expertise in computer security, which source of power is Indira using?
16) Melvin manages a team of 10 employees, including Jane and Jared. Jared is leaving the organization to find a job as a manager in another field. Meanwhile, due to performance issues, Melvin terminates Jane’s employment with the company. Both of these are examples of what type of employee behavior?
17) Thomas often annoys his coworkers with his talkativeness and assertive personality. According to the Big Five Model of personality, Thomas would be described as high in the trait of
18) Kelly is interviewing candidates to fill a vacancy on her team. One candidate has a degree from a prestigious university, and Kelly is impressed. In speaking with her fellow members of the interview panel, however, Kelly finds that no one else enjoyed the interview with the candidate, finding her to be pompous, aggressive, and self-serving. In her focus on only the candidate’s education, Kelly may have fallen victim to
19) It is crucial to determine an acceptable _____ during the comparing step in the control process.
20) If a manager rationalizes that he or she does not have time to investigate the source of a problem and instead resorts to putting out fires, the manager is missing the use of
21) Why are feedforward

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