Methods Of Instructional Strategies For Emma's Semancy

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Please list and describe 2 instructional strategies you can use to improve Emma’s reading fluency.
1. Word accuracy comes before speed. To work on word accuracy the teacher can practice word work and phrase work with Emma to build her fluency and help her read and recognize words. The phrases can be part of the reading passages that are being worked on to help her read the passage more fluently and work towards automaticity.
2. Instruction on morphological awareness and semantic mapping. Semantic maps have the core word at the center and then branches that leads words that are related to the core word. An example of this would be manage as the core word and manager, management, and managing as branches extending from the core word. This will
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2. Please list 5 methods to improve her persuasive essay writing.
1. Ms. Drake can help Nora employ the EmPOWER method when writing her persuasive essay. This method calls for Nora to evaluate, make a plan, organize, work, evaluate, rework. This method also helps the student make sense of what the prompt is asking them to do.
2. I would have Nora make an outline before she starts to write. Many of Nora’s thoughts seem to be thrown in without much organization so I think an outline would help her write more clearly. This outline can also be helpful for the organize step in the EmPOWER method. Being able to see her ideas and reasons for having homework on paper before she writes may help her prioritize the information into a solid paragraph.
3. Allowing students to turn in multiple drafts may be helpful for Nora as well. After getting feed back from the teacher she can fix her work and add to it if necessary. This will improve Nora’s probability of success. If she succeeds on writing a good paper it may also boost her
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Process modeling is thinking aloud while performing an academic task. The student says aloud everything that they are thinking and doing. The teacher models this process so the student understands how a good problem solver thinks and applies cognitive processes and self-regulation strategies. The teacher shows the students what to do and what not to do. After the student learns the modeling technique they will model for their classmates. At first they will still need support but eventually they be able to do it on their own. The self-talk in this technique helps the students understand and process math

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