Unit 2 Instructional Strategies

Please list and describe 2 instructional strategies you can use to improve Emma’s reading fluency.
1. Word accuracy comes before speed. To work on word accuracy the teacher can practice word work and phrase work with Emma to build her fluency and help her read and recognize words. The phrases can be part of the reading passages that are being worked on to help her read the passage more fluently and work towards automaticity.
2. Instruction on morphological awareness and semantic mapping. Semantic maps have the core word at the center and then branches that leads words that are related to the core word. An example of this would be manage as the core word and manager, management, and managing as branches extending from the core word. This will
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Is math anxiety considered a learning disability?
• Math anxiety is not considered a learning disability, although it affects many children. It makes learning math, doing homework, schoolwork, and testing difficult for these children. Children must overcome their math anxiety before they can become successful in math. Small successes in math can help them overcome their math anxiety as well. Teachers should praise their students and encourage them to value their progress in learning.
3. Why should special education teachers assess mathematics vocabulary?
• Math is like a second language. It is important for students to know and understand the vocabulary terms that they are using when they are talking about the math problems to others. This will also help the students understand math word problems.
4. List and describe the two mathematics learning styles.
• Quantitative- These children are usually good with language skills and solve problems sequentially. They are part to whole oriented and have trouble seeing the holistic relationships. These children also usually do well with calculations, counting, addition and multiplication, fractions interpreted verbally, and naming geometric

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