Pros And Cons Of Animal Cruelty

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The Legislatures should enforce additional laws in order to more effectively prevent most methods of animal cruelty and neglect, because animals should not be punished or killed for being born at the wrong time and place. Animals shouldn’t be penalized for no longer being cute or young. Animals shouldn’t be used as play toys for young children or for fighting to entertain men to gain profit. Animals should not be crammed into a small area with an unfair life because they will become food in their near future. Yes, animals are not always treated badly but it doesn’t stop some people from abusing them or miss treating them in some way. First, let’s discuss how animals can be miss treated throughout their lives without care or proper knowledge …show more content…
As a pet owner you can then decide to breed them in order to make a profit off of selling them. It is also not mandatory to get your pet fitted, to stop it from reproducing which can cause many unwanted pregnancies. The cycle goes on and on casing there to be too many animals and not enough homes. The animals will then most likely end up mistreated or killed with no real punishment to the owner. Over breading needs to come to a stop. There needs to be laws placed to save animals from being over bred and disposed of. An animal that is and given away without papers can become anything be thrown out, become food, thrown in with other animals to fight, the list is endless, which is why animal breeding and marketing should be harder to do. Another big problem is mistreating animals that are going to be used as food in no way does that make them less alive. Animals that are being used for food can easily be put in small cages living in their own waste , forced to eat fating food, than hung up to be drained of blood while still alive. Some chicks who are born male are thrown out to die because they can’t be used to produce eggs. Fish are forced into a small body of water with millions of other fish until they are ready to become food. How is this any way to treat something that breaths and lives on this earth, just like you? There needs to be stricter laws against miss treating animals, who don’t have a chance to live a healthy happier

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