Essay about Methods Of Advertising : Online Marketers

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Methods of Advertising

Online marketers have a wide variety of venues dedicated to them for marketing. To give a couple of examples, online marketers use social media and social media applications. Businesses can take advantage of social media outlets by advertising all over their sites. As for social media applications themselves, they can generate all kinds of advertising from other businesses as well. Every time you Pandora, the Facebook app, or Spotify advertisements are always being shown. Other types of advertising can include blogs, email marketing, and even pay per clicking advertising. Blogs work very similar if not almost entirely alike how advertising on a website or app. As for the email marketing, this can work after a purchase of a product online or in a store. Often at times nowadays, companies or businesses will make it to where they need your email so they can send you a proof of receipt so that later they can send you promotions, discounts or special sales directly to you. As for pay per clicking the way this works is exactly how it sounds. Businesses pay websites by having it to where every click of traffic is sent to the businesses websites.

Now even though Chegg is an online market it 's not to say that they are limited to using just online methods. Sometimes going back to the traditional method works out just as well. These include newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads, billboards, and even door hangers and flyers. These ways all contribute to just…

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