Mental Health Counselor Research Paper

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Editor vs. Mental Health Counselor
When I was young, I had the dream of being a veterinarian. I was passionate about the well-being of animals, and was told I could be anything I wanted to be if I just believed in it. Upon learning that the sight of blood made me nauseous, I realized that wasn’t true in the least and that I must find an occupation that I have the skills for. After doing research on many careers that I am interested in, I have deduced that either a career as an editor or a mental health counselor would be fitting for me. Work environments, education levels and skills, and tasks are completely different between editors and mental health counselors.
First, work environments are pivotal when looking for a career. Mental health
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Typically, editors read over content for any grammatical or spelling errors and correct them. They also verify facts or statistics to improve the authenticity of the content. They work with the writers to help develop the story, and some editors approve final versions of the story (“Editors”). I enjoy reading over writing and fixing errors, but having to check every fact or statistic would become a chore very fast. A mental health counselor, however, evaluates a patient's progress and keeps an up-to-date record on any progress (Field 192-193). Helping their patients overcome emotional and mental issues or disorders is their main duty. They provide diagnoses and help learn positive coping strategies (“Mental Health Counselors”). Helping people who need it is one of my passions, so every day I would feel satisfied knowing I am making a difference in someone’s life.
After researching about editors and mental health counselors and contrasting their work environments, education levels and skills, and tasks, I have determined that a career as a mental health counselor would be best for my interests. I want to be able to be the person people go to for help when they’re at their worst, and being a mental health counselor would provide me that unlike a job in editing, where I would either be working from home or in a small office

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