Personal Narrative: Memories Of A Teacher

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Memories of a Teacher Growing up I always dreamed of playing softball in college. I worked hard every day pitching 200 balls a day in order to earn my spot as a pitcher. I was raised on that field. In fact, my mother was pregnant with me and was coaching my brothers on the same exact field. I started out playing baseball due to the fact that Overton Little League did not have a softball association. I enjoyed playing baseball with all the guys, who later became some of my best friends, but I really wanted to play softball. Eventually, Overton found the need to make a softball team and I became one of its first members. I played every year in hopes that one day I would grow up to be a varsity pitcher. As high school rolled around, my hopes became reality. I was the Varsity pitcher. I completed 3 years of high school and went on to play Volleyball my senior year which is when I met Roger Waters. I could tell he was not a huge fan of me, which is not uncommon. I knew he did not like me because I knew who I was and was confident in that and he did not like that aspect of me. Eventually when he walked out on us during a practice one day, I quit. I could not help but think that he had given up on us and I do not believe that a good coach would ever do that. As softball …show more content…
Finally when it became time, I made my way to Mrs.Baker’s class. I was introduced and immediately I fell in love. Eventually, I memorized all the kids names. As the days past, graduation came in reach. As the last day of school was concluding, I made my way to the first grade’s last day of school party. I became aware that I may never see those kids again. When the bell rang, and the kids went home for Summer, I went home and cried. I cried because I had fallen in love with something other than Softball. I cried because I already missed those kids. After crying for hours, it became clear to me that I had to

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