Why Baseball Is Important To Me

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Ever since I can remember baseball has been a part of my life in one way or another. My father's favorite sport has always been baseball and since the day I was born it has been growing on me as my favorite as well. Everything about baseball is what makes it so special to me, the time and length of the season, the beautiful fields and complexes, and the atmosphere of the games. I started playing baseball when I was about five years old and even though it was just me and my teammates hitting a baseball off of a tee where nobody gets out and everybody is a winner, I still found it fascinating. When I was just five years old I would go to the sports section of the newspaper to check out my favorite part about baseball, the statistics. Every single statistic that could be looked at and analyzed in a box score I would memorize and have fun while doing it. How every team was doing, how certain pitchers and batters were …show more content…
At the time I was only eight years old so when I made the team I was thrilled. After that I played travel ball for the next eight years and I cherished each one of them. My love for the game was shown through how hard I ran on every play, how I would sprint out to centerfield every inning, and my use of small ball such as bunting for hits, taking my walks, and especially, my favorite, getting hit by pitches nearly every game. Putting on my travel jersey, stealing bases and making diving catches, while getting it dirty every game reminds me that baseball is just so special and unique. My love for baseball is way too hard to explain but all that I know is that nothing has had an impact on my life such as the one baseball has had on me. In my future I hope to continue playing baseball in any form as long as I am able. One day when I have children of my own I hope they will appreciate and love baseball as much as I

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