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Melipan Launches Services for Researching the World of Licensing Opportunities

The world of licensing opportunities in the global marketing environment becomes increasingly difficult to research, track and differentiate, based on what 's best for your brand and products. Marketers enjoy unprecedented possibilities for promoting their businesses by using tie-ins to sports and entertainment brands, characters, intellectual property, music and art and fashion licensing, but comparing and researching these business opportunities is time-consuming, confusing and frustrating. Melipan, a new market research firm on Licensing Consumer Markets around the world, brings more than 20 years of experience in market research and the entertainment
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Melipan tracks licensing performances for more than 5,500 brands in 40 countries, and these trademarks offer an incredibly broad range of unique licensing opportunities for your business needs.

In addition to researching licensing opportunities in the Licensing Consumer Market, Melipan offers a suite of research services that can be used in support of licensing and other business areas, such as marketing, product development and brand expansion.

Brand Equity and Awareness Tracking Research
Brand equity and awareness are important considerations when choosing advertising platforms, target audiences and licensing strategies. Tracking brand awareness before and after a campaign helps you to assess how well any advertising or licensing strategy is working, how to fine-tune the campaign or whether to scrap your efforts and start again. Meilpan 's research uncovers critical information, such as awareness, usage and consumers ' intentions and expectations when buying your
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For example, you might sell truffles made with white chocolate and raspberries. Logical brand extensions could include ice cream that 's flavored with your truffles or ingredients. However, consumers might even appreciate the flavor combination in other categories than desserts, such as flavored milk or other beverages. A popular brand can gain loyal customers who feel that your company has skill and a great reputation in a particular area, and Melipan 's research can determine where those skills and favorable regard would transfer well to other products and categories.

Cluster Analysis on Demographics
If you 're not doing a cluster analysis, you could be missing marketing opportunities. Cluster studies segment your market to identify which groups respond well to your products, advertising messages and licensing strategy. Benefits of a well-conceived cluster analysis include:

Identifying your most profitable customer groups
Estimating lifetime value of key demographic segments
Assessing program profitability of specific initiatives like Facebook marketing or a loyalty

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