Chew Sticks: A Case Study

A tooth brush is a piece of plastic with bristles. Chew sticks were discovered in Babylonia in 3,500 BC (Wikipedia, 2014) giving a glimpse into the history of oral hygiene. Oral health may still play a role in social status; whether or not your family can afford braces when you’re in grammar school, or if you pay out of pocket for whitening services. Not all procedures are available to all, but the need for a healthy mouth has been instilled in us for many years and is now a standard in most households in the U.S. Everyone has a toothbrush.

Deciding on a concentration segmentation strategy to help distinguish the product from the other hundreds of competitors and expand into a high-ranking, preferred product.

Market Segment 1: Oral
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Young adults are a large market segment that makes the verdict on “what is cool”. A creative marketing strategy to attract young adults who are looking to discover which brands relate to their personalities, desires and needs can create a long-lasting connection. Young adults are also very public with the use of social media. The strategy would also include promotional efforts on social media through online ads and communications, as well as involving the young adult customers by soliciting them to help spread the word on their own social networking …show more content…
A personal experience can be a very effective method to discover whether a woman does or does not like you (or the product). Women who are mothers trust and depend on not only their own experiences, but on other’s experiences and facts and statistics.

Women want to use a product they can trust and share with other women. Tribes, defined by Gorin in the Ted Talk “The tribes we lead,” is the concept of leading and connecting people and ideas (Gorin, 2009). Whether spiritually, work related or community base, women all have a role and access to a leadership position that can influence others. Finding a market segment that has a tribe or many tribes that shares the same beliefs in health and oral care can connect the product to others within the tribe.

Marketing Mix Analysis: Women

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