Mediquip S.A. Essay

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1. What were Thaldorf’s major strengths and weaknesses as a representative of Medicquip?

Thaldorf is a technically oriented person and understands the CT scanner he is selling very well. Because of his knowledge in the technicality of the equipment, he is able to present and impress clients who are particularly interested in the technical ability of the equipment. This is evident from his interaction with Professor Steinborn who is clearly impressed by the specifications of the CT scanner.
Thaldorf is also detail oriented. Based on his detailed record between May 5 to December 18, he showed that he was observant in every meeting and that he was aware of his clients’ reaction to his sales pitch. The ability to read and
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He is well aware of what existing scanners can do and is excited about the capabilities of technologically advanced CT scanners. Because radiologists are the ones actually using the CT scanner, Professor Steinborn is most concerned with the operational aspect of the equipment. He also understands that the scanner is a piece of equipment that will be used for a long time and therefore, he is concerned about the possibility of upgrading the system in the long run. Mediquip’s scanner is more advanced than its competitors and had become the “dream CT scanner” for Professor Steinborn. Yet, despite being the end user, his opinion alone is not enough for the hospital. Other decision makers involved such as Dr. Rufer and Carl Harmann seem to have more power in making the purchasing decision. Professor Steinborn is clearly frustrated when his opinion as the specialist failed to convince people who will never use the machine.

Dr. Rufer is the physicist responsible for writing the technical specification for the CT scanner. Although he should know about the latest technology available in CT scanners, he displayed very little interest in the technicality of the machine. Instead of writing the specs himself, he simply copied someone’s technical manual and used it as the requirement for the hospital. Because his main concern is patient’s safety, liability is a key factor in his decision. New technology like Mediquip may be too foreign, uncertain for him.

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