Overkill Gawande Summary

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Overkill, is an article which seems to be a follow-up of a prior article, written about medical care, health cost and doctors possible immoral motivation towards patient care. Stating that “Doctors get paid, for doing more not less” (Gawande, A. p. 6), which led to things such as over testing, over diagnosis and over treatment. The author of the article discusses these miss happenings and amidst that he seems to be pretty consistent in talking about a particular patient Mrs. E. Which, leads me to believe that though he is talking about doctors, in terms of them turning into businessman over care givers, of health cost as being so high that every household feels an impact but he seems to be consistent in also mentioning that it is not just the doctors but it is up to the patient as well to be informed and interactive in the questioning on procedures and tests. …show more content…
Ordering numerous test just to help themselves by cutting time to fit a large number of patients in a day, to accumulate large sums of money annually. These tests that are unnecessary, though some may argue the tests are not always unnecessary, as they may help in finding a solution to a problem. He used an example of unnecessary testing when he mentioned his patients that he was to see that afternoon, one of his patients was given an ultrasound and biopsy, then an MRI for a lump that was suspected to be thyroid cancer, though an ultrasound was suggested to be the best way to image an thyroid cancer. The doing more on the doctor’s end was rather not a significantly appropriate approach. The time and money spent on the MRI, could have just well been spent in a follow-up of the ultrasound, given a diagnosis and progressed towards a treatment. I may even want to argue that a doctor seems to be ill informed/educated on how to go about a patient, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment

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