Essay about Medical Research On Animal Testing

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Medical Research with Animals Of the seventy-six Nobel prizes awarded during the twentieth century for medicine and physiology, fifty-four of the awards were for studies rooted to animal testing (Povey 41). The testing of medical products on animals has become a debate in recent times. However, as many companies appeared in the mid-nineteenth century, the number of animals being experimented on rose which increased the number of test. The rise in animal research led to a breakthrough in new treatments and medications, but also led to agencies aimed to stop animal testing. Major companies such as the International Cooperation on Alternative Test Methods (ICATM), the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods (ICATM), and the European Union Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing (EURL-ECVAM), and many others fight for the illegalization of animal testing (Laws and Regulations 3). During the mid-nineteenth century the most disabling diseases were caused by bacteria or viruses; although, most physicians believed the illnesses were caused by internal disorders of the body. The conformation that these diseases did in fact originate from external microorganisms derived with work done by Louis Parker, a French chemist and his partners, who also studied contagious diseases in domestic animals (Botting and Morrison 1). Animals are used in three main types of research which includes product testing, teaching and training, and…

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