Should Animals Be Used For Biomedical Research?

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Imagine a world without vaccines, antibodies or even organ transplants. These are few out of the many medical wonders that resulted from animal testing. Animal testing has been around since the 500 B.C. It has contributed to humanity dramatically and made a huge impact on our lifestyle. As technology advances many argue that animal testing should not be used for biomedical research because it is humane, the truth of the matter is animal testing have and continues to contribute to not just biomedical research but to the house products, food and our entertainment.

The use of animals for medical experiment goes back thousands of years. Many researchers and scientist believes that animal testing is one of the most effective way for keeping humans
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Animals are one of the best alternatives toward biomedical research especially because of similarity in genome and organs. For example chimpanzee and mice genetically share 98%-99% similarity in their DNA. Since animals and humans are biologically similar, they tend to have a huge similarity in their set of organs, bloodstream and certain body systems( Due to understanding the complexity of the human body through animal testing, scientists were able to contribute to several life saving treatments and medication. In the article, “Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Or Commercial Testing?”, it stated that “The California Biomedical Research Association states that nearly every medical breakthrough in the last 100 years has resulted directly from research using animals.” This shows how much animals has helped out humanity over the time period of results. In addition several statistics have proven this statement. For example, the polio vaccine has “reduced the global occurrence of the disease from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 223 cases in 2012”. Not only has animal testing helped prevent polio, it also led to the discovery of insulin which saved the lives of several hundred diabetics. In addition, scientists were able to learn much more about several injuries or diseases such as breast cancer, brain injury, malaria, tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis. …show more content…
Human culture generally encourages a continuation of society 's treatment of animals without realizing it. In the article, “Should Animals Have Rights” stated, “One might feel sympathy for the needs of his own dog or the stray on the corner, that same concern probably does not extend to the turkey at Thanksgiving”. This goes to prove that the recognition of animal right may bring an end to cherished items and traditions such as leather seats, shoe and baseball. Many of the items and activities that human focuses on is equivalent to animal testing. Human beings enjoy the amusement of hobbies and sports that are dependent on animals. If an individual wants to end animal testing they would have to end their entertainment of hunting and fishing as well. In addition, exhibits at zoo or entertainers in circus ring would not exist either. These entertainment with animals makes animal follow a specific agenda and make them act a certain way. Just like animals testing makes animals do certain thing, the entertainment business does the same. Although few traditional and cultural aspect goes against animal testing, one does not realize how it contradicts with themselves. Several religious tradition has permits human dominion over animal. In the article “”, the bible stated, ” God said.. Let them (human beings) have dominion over the fish of the seas .. and

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