Medical Marijuan Why Or Why Not? Essay

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Medical Marijuana: Why or Why not? Marijuana was first introduced by the Chinese back in the B.C (before Christ) time period where it was substance that was able to achieve a euphoria or a “high” as we refer to it today. In the early 4200s B.C. marijuana was better known for its medicine value where it was being used to treat rheumatism, gout and malaria ( (Narcocon International , n.d.). Of course, society at the time was aware of the other effects marijuana had but at the time, they primary focused on the medication capacity marijuana contained. Fast forwarding to 2015 where the medical usage of marijuana is the biggest controversial topic, society views marijuana more of a harmful substance than a solution to most of the medical conditions people encounter. Countless research has been conducted to prove that marijuana, indeed, has more of a function than creating a high, marijuana has worthy functions such as slowing the growth of cancer and treating nausea. Instead, medical marijuana continues to be an endless debate. Diving in, marijuana just like other medication prescriptions come with adverse effects and risks. Using the argument that marijuana will cause addictiveness upon the individual is purely inadequate to other drugs that come with the similar potential to cause addiction. All of medications come with risk factors, it just depends on the whether the individual is responsible or irresponsible. Responsible meaning after the drug took its course of action…

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