Argumentative Essay On Medical Marijuana

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Imagine if your family member had a disease that could very easily be treated by something that was illegal in your state, but has no proof of being malignant to the human body. This is the case for many people with chronic health issues such as Crohn’s disease, seizures, and cancer, these are just a couple of examples amongst other conditions. This product is medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is legal in 28 states. This means that it could be used for medical reasons, but not for personal consumption. Patients can get ahold of this medication with a prescription from a doctor. There are many types of medical marijuana that are used to treat different types of chronic conditions. What the patient would have to do is bring in their medical …show more content…
What they do not realize is that it is an oil that is derived from the actual plant and it does not give the “high” side effect. It gives cancer patients an appetite and helps with their pain. With the patients that have seizures after taking a couple of doses of medical cannabis they feel much better, and have less seizures. It helps patients that have a better life style, and better way of living without the constant pain that they would have on a usual basis. According to the scholarly journal from Harvard University the reason that there has not been many studies conducted for the use of medical cannabis to test if the results are safe it because there are many people that use this drug as a recreational drug. It is also the reason why they decided to make this drug illegal in some states. Researchers want to be able to conduct more research so that they can come up with more concrete information. “Unfortunately, most of the research on marijuana is based on people who smoked the drug for recreational rather than medical purposes.” ( “A separate review by the American Medical Association (AMA) also concluded that the research base remains sparse. This was one reason that the AMA urged the federal government to reconsider its classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance (prohibiting both medical and recreational use), so that researchers could more easily conduct clinical trials.”

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