Medical Errors In Josie's Story

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Josie’s Story is about this happy family that decided to move to a new house in Baltimore that reminded the mother of a home away from home. They just began to settle down and King’s (The mother) mother (Big Rel) decided to stop by and check out the new house. That same day is when the family’s lives turned upside down. They had a 18 month old girl named Josie, she was their pride and joy because she was the last child they would ever have. They took their eyes off of her for a minute, originally thinking that she walked up the stairs with her sisters and brothers, come to find out she went off into the bathroom and wanted to play with a floating toy in the bath tub. She turned the knob closest to her which was the hot water, and she ended up getting first and second degree burns all over her body. Her mother rushed with her to the hospital where she never left her side. 2 weeks in there it was time for her to go home, they were preparing her to be discharged in 3 days and then something so catastrophic happened. This is the best book I have ever read, I would highly recommend everyone to read it but more importantly, anyone …show more content…
Even Doctors, nurses, and families who have never even heard of the king family were moved by how Sorrel tells Josie's Story. Sorrel wanted everyone to know about Josie’s story so the money that Johns Hopkins was offering her, she settle for it then opened up a Foundation to make sure that medical errors are limited in the hospitals. That's when she began to travel to different states to speak to health care providers about Josie's story and the ways it could be prevented. “Not only did they listen, but they showed me they cared. They stood and applauded. As I walked off stage the shook my hand and said “Thank you” (King

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