Media 's Hunger For More Clamor And Attention Essay

799 Words Aug 4th, 2014 4 Pages
Turn on the television and you might see a commercial or two that objectifies women. The same goes when you tune in and listen to the radio. Media is and has been a constant presence in one’s everyday life. Gone are the days when we relied on actual role models, instead we immersed ourselves with the images that are portrayed in front of the screen. But as technology advanced, so is media’s hunger for more clamor and attention. The way women are viewed in the media has long been a subject of discussion. From television shows, magazines, advertisements, movies to video games; they are symbolized as sex objects, weak willed and victims who can’t protect themselves. Men on the other hand are also not safe from the media. They are often stereotyped as macho, independent and unemotional; labeled as aggressive and easy to commit violence. Even though there are many improvements and changes in history throughout the years, when did we as a society become unaware to stereotyping and classifying genders? Surf the web and the infinite comments on any media content might contain the word “that’s gay”. Watch the news, and you might see a news anchor make derogatory comments. Not just the media, we even catch ourselves commenting negatively. What about gender roles? Has the outlook on gender role changed through the years? We still question who wears the pants in the family and who is more feminine or masculine. It is still visible even in childhood – an example would be…

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