The Documentary, Miss Representation, By Jennifer Siebel

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Misrepresentation is defined as “the action or offense of giving a false or misleading account of the nature of something”. The documentary, Miss Representation, by Jennifer Siebel
Newsom addresses this as definition as it applies to the media and politics for women. The documentary tackles the topic of the media’s representation of women and the consequent socialization into traditional gender roles. Not only are traditional gender messages that are perpetuated by the media pervasive, powerful, and pernicious, but also, women’s delayed progress in politics can be traced back to the media’s representation of women.
The media’s representation of women and the traditional gender messages that it communicates to young women are pervasive. Something
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If the media showed role models like Hillary Clinton, maybe

McGee 4 young girls would be more inspired to become empowered through the political process instead.
Lastly, women in politics are scrutinized and trivialized by the media. The documentary gave the example of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton, who doesn’t attempt to improve her appearance for others is scrutinized for being “overly masculine” or “bitchy”. She cannot do anything without the media scrutinizing how she presented herself instead of what she actually said. The media also tries to frame her accomplishments through Bill’s life. By saying, “Hillary is only a politician because of Bill’s affair,” the media is trivializing her accomplishments and directs the attention back to the lives of men. Also, people like Sarah Palin, who appear “hyper feminine” are not taken seriously in politics. She was constantly called a ditz, as if beauty and knowledge cannot mix. This purposive trivialization and inspection of women in politics by the media is a large reason why there has been a delay in the progress of women in

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