Media Influence On Gay Marriage

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The influence of media is an ever-growing power in today’s society from the news, TV shows to movies. There are subliminal messages, underling meanings or just obvious themes that are being projected onto the audience. The media is here weather you like it or not and as time goes by the influence of the media becomes stronger and stronger. Controversial subjects such as marijuana legalization, gay marriage or Obama care are all influenced by the media perception. Each news station has a political bias weather conservative or liberal, and will talk down on the opposing political party at any given time. And as far as gay marriage, there has been a flourishing number of TV shows on stations on the liberal side of the spectrum. Compared to the pioneer days of the television where it was taboo to talk about a touchy subject as gay marriage, there are many openly gay couples on television shows and movies. …show more content…
In this TV show there is an interracial couple (Latin and Caucasian), a gay couple with an adopted baby and a “regular” couple between a man and woman with 3 children. With the exception of the “regular” white couple meaning a white man and white female, the other two couples are up for scrutiny by the public. Although most individuals have no problem with interracial marriage, it’s interesting how the title of the TV show Modern Family dictates that this shows setting is in today’s times and there are two couples that historically have had some controversy surrounding them. This could be a distinct move by the network, in this case ABC, to slowly desensitize the public on the topics of interracial and gay marriage so that they will be more accepting of the idea of it. “As a matter of fact a Pew Research poll in 2001 reveals that 35 percent of the American population were acceptant of allowing gays and have risen ever since.”(pew

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