Media Coverage In Women's Sport

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men and women, same play but different pay
By haylea butler

Women just like men have been playing sport at the same level achieving amazing things, sometimes women are preforming better than men, yet no one knows about the success they have had. The media highlights men’s sports in such a way that you hear about it on every news programs, advertisements, it takes priority over other television programs yet what about Women sport?
Men’s sport is exciting and thrilling to watch. To be able to see amazing athletes doing amazing things. If women sport had a chance, then those unbelieve successes that people watch men do, would be seen and women will finally get the praise of what they do.
Recently in the 2016 Rio Olympic games, women won 5
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“The overall coverage for women sport is 7.4 per cent, with men making up 81.1 per cent of the media coverage in Australia.” (Decline of women’s sports coverage in Australia ‘a tragedy’, 2015)
Women are not recognized for their efforts and contribution to sport. They have been called “weak” and “mentally unprepared.” The biomechanics of a woman athlete compared to men athletes are completely different. In sports such as tennis the upper body of a female is not as powerful as a male, so a three set match for women is just as hard as a five set match for
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If the women cricketers are earning maximum pay of $100 000 out of all women then you can only try imagine what other professional women athletes are earning.
Netball, the biggest sport in Australia with the most participates in is the worst paying sport in Australia. Teams earn $240 000 to play in the ANZ championship season to split between 12 players, this is $20 000 per player for playing at a state professional level and the National contracts to represent the National team, Diamonds, earn about $50 000. These netballers do not even get paid enough to play, meaning they have to try find a second job.
Australian Netballer, Caitlin Basset, states “I’m actually going to find a job soon. It’s pretty hard to find work when you have to tell an employer that you are going to need time off for Australian commitments and those kind of

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