Essay Media Controls Your Mind

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Media has an affect on the popular culture more than most people think. It is simply everywhere you go and unavoidable. So either way you look at it, the mass media occurs in a person’s life on a daily basis. Which has a severe effect on the choices you make and the morals you live by. One cannot trust everything they see on TV either. Most commercials you would see today are overly exaggerated just to persuade consumers into buying the product. For example, in the 1930’s America’s first “drug czar” Harry J. Anslinger, began one of the world’s greatest public relations campaigns just to demoralize marijuana by telling apparent lies to society and persuading them to believe it. Such as that marijuana is more harmful to the body than …show more content…
As of right now there are 18 states in the US that have legalized the plant for medicinal usage. Two states, Washington, and Colorado have recently legalized the recreational usage of the plant, not only for medicinal reasons but to use it for fun as if it is alcohol or tobacco. One would think after 70 years of proven studies on marijuana that a lot more states would have the plant legalized or even every state, epecially after seeing the dangerous traits of alcohol and tobacco, which are legal substances in America! Four percent of all deaths in America annually are due to the consumption of alcohol. To this day there has not been one reported death associated with marijuana. That stat alone is astonishing. The mass media should be obligated to present factual information and not over exaggerate claims on behalf of marijuana, because the public needs to know the truth. Every citizen has the right to know each side of every story, its not our responsibility to research each claim the mass media makes. We should be able to trust the media. One of the 1930 anti-marijuana advertisements I am referring to is very blunt in the ridiculousness of the images degrading anything associated with marijuana. It shows a devil in the background with the words “sin”, “vice”, “insanity”, ‘degradation” scattered around the figure. It also has a joint in the middle with the words “the smoke of hell”. A

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