Five Yoga Principles

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Yoga, an exotic form of exercise, is now the new trend in the fitness world. Just like any other form of exercise, it is based on basic philosophies in order to attain a healthy body and mind for its practitioners.

The following details will discuss the five yoga principles and how they may be of help to our exercise.

1. Relaxation - this yoga principle involves proper relaxation that can help release muscle tensions. This works by putting the mind and body in a tranquil state, which is the goal of yoga. This revitalizes the nervous system and lets us achieve inner peace. This makes each day of our life feels so complete and peaceful. The relaxed feeling is carried into all our activities that help us conserve energy in our body.

2. Proper diet - the food we eat greatly affects the way we think. Improper
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Correct breathing - this next yoga principle involves can be achieved though deep, slow and regular breathing. Correct breathing utilizes all part of the lungs to increase oxygen intake. To achieve this we need to regulate the duration and length of inhaling, exhaling and retaining air in our lungs. In yoga practice, each breath is known to contain our life force and that through proper breathing; we can maintain our over-all wellness.

4. Proper exercise - this yoga principle is based upon the idea that our physical body is designed to move and exercise. The correct form of exercise in yoga is achieved through different form of postures and stretches. These exercises tone our muscles, regulate blood flow and enhance the flexibility of our spine. Yoga poses, also known as Asnas, works in partner with correct breathing. Each pose and stretch should be coordinated with a correct form of breathing allowing us to feel one with our body and spirit.

5. Meditation and positive thinking - meditation can relax the mind and the body. It also helps remove negative thoughts from our mind. Thus, purifying us from stress and other worldly thoughts that we might

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