Media Consumption Habits Essay

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Abstract This article seeks to demonstrate how the factors like internet, globalization and growth in technology changed the youth mindset towards consumption of Films & TV, the big question behind this issue is that how far these changes in media helping Film & TV industry, it actually depends lot of attributes. The research is the fine way to analyze this issue, research with the youngsters who are accounted to large no in the total viewership. By doing the research we can identify which important factor drives them to make decisions in media consumptions such as behavior, flavor, environment, technology, and modernization economic growth. By comparing the result with
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Indian youth (in the age group 15 to 34 years) comprises over 34% of the total population. This is expected to cross over 400mn by 2015 and forms the core target group for Films and Television channels.

This article seeks to demonstrate a simple study analysis about youth consumptions towards films, and their habits in the same field. The analysis in their film watching behavior would give us variant solutions that might help us to study the field little deeper and to understand it by Indian context. The study especially based on youths because they are almost accounts 60 percent of the total audiences.

Indian Entertainment & Media Industry
The Indian Entertainment & Media industry is experiencing notable change and today it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. The entertainment industry is a perfect blend of creativity, commerce, and innovation and also provides vast investment opportunities. According to a report by FICCI and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the Indian entertainment and media industry is to become INR one trillion (INR 100,000 crores) industries

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