Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

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Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest, largest, and broadest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers use the principles of mechanics, materials, and energy to design and manufacture machines and devices of all types. The key characteristics of the profession are its flexibility, breadth, and individuality-a decided advantage in a changing world.
Passion towards mechanics began early in my childhood when I started learning basic science in school. My interest toward machines hiked as I grew up. Most interesting machine for me are trains. These are machines with heavy engine running on rail network extended to miles around planet. To satiate my curiosity, I worked as an intern at Indian railways, Solapur to learn working of rail
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I’m an active member of a social NGO “World Peacekeepers Movement”. The mission of this significant movement is to spread peace and to create unity through the formation of world’s largest The World Peace Keeper army. The peace movement is designed to embrace the ‘Inner Peace’ as the Inner Peace is the foundation of the world peace. During my school years we represented our town for year 2008-09 for Inter-town Hockey Championship at Pune. All these extra-curricular activities have made me socially accomplished with self-confidence, communicating skills, leadership qualities and team …show more content…
Years down the line I envision myself in the production sector. I would like to be able to apply what I learn to the industry and add towards its prosperity.

Browsing through your broacher and websites I find that your esteemed university will be the ideal and right place for my graduate studies. It would really be a life time experience to be a part of Michigan Technological University which is known for its world renowned modern tech facilities, inspiring and challenging environment with eminent scholars & noble laureate and diverse student community. This would sharpen my understanding and brighten my scope to pursue graduation and advanced research in world renowned university like yours. I wait for your benevolent acceptance of my application so that I can gain admission at your

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