Mckinsey Case Study Essay

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| McKinsey & Company: Managing Knowledge and Learning | Case Study #7 | | | 3/3/2013 |


Micro Questions:

1. Which countries are involved in this case? Describe the diplomatic relations between hose countries? Are there any trade agreements in place which would impact management’s decision to enter the target market?

2. Which geographic markets are being considered in this case? Provincial, Country, Regional, and/or Global?

3. What are the considerations which may impact the overall marketing strategy?

4. What are the cultural considerations within the company and the specific management team?

Macro Questions: 1. How was this obscure firm of “accounting and engineering advisors”
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What contribution did Fred Gluck make to required changes?

Ron Daniel came into the position of the Managing Director when McKinsey was dealing with the competition in the business consulting industry that was growing while the actual market in North America and Europe was declining. Daniel had to respond to this drastic change in the market, he responded to this change by moving away from the policies the company already held and focused of skill sets specific to the company and development of expertise. Daniel then leveraged the firm’s functional knowledge, especially for strategy, operations, and organization sectors.

Daniel had implemented an innovative approach that he and a colleagues had created referred to as the “Clientele Sectors”, this divided parts of the company into industry based part: * Consumer products * Banking * Industrial Goods * Insurance * Steel * Automotive * Chemicals * Health Care * Energy * Communications and Information * Electronics
Fred Gluck was the first to lead a group in this approach. Gluck then created a “Centers of Competence”; he didn’t just create one but fifteen centers of competences. The increasing number of “Clientele Industry Sectors” was the reasoning behind creating the “15 Centers of Competence” which like the “Clientele Sectors” were “visual centers” and not actual office locations. These “15 Centers of Competence” are: *

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