Mba Essay - What Matters Most to You

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What matters most to you, and why?

My open mindedness matters to me most. My experiences as a cross-cultural teen instilled this value in me.
I was born in Hong Kong and moved alone to Taiwan to live with my grandmother when I was 12. I struggled to learn the language, Mandarin, and to live and learn alongside children from a very different culture. I was like some alien from outer space in Taiwan – generating stares but not acceptance. However, by being open minded about both my potential and the potential of this little island, I succeeded in adapting. I spoke back to the television set to practice Mandarin; I read books and watched videos to learn Taiwan's culture, history, and literature; and I helped my fellow classmates in our
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I don my "open minded" glasses at all times, which really means that I must be open to criticisms of my way of doing things. For instance, when I was in the US pursuing my Master's in Marketing, a friend told me that he felt I was overly concerned with people’s feelings: when we discussed business challenges, I tended to focus on the feelings and motivations of the people involved and building coalitions of people rather than simply assessing the business side of the challenges. I realized then that my own Asian culture had placed a huge emphasis on building trust rather than what I now recognized as the American culture of creating impressive, fact-based proposals. By being open minded, I was able to incorporate that insight into my business style, preparing presentations in greater detail while still maintaining my own commitment to building interpersonal confidence with my partners or potential clients.
As I travel through China my open-mindedness allows me to marvel at the differences I experience instead of judging them. For instance, in Sichuan province, regular office hours are 10 am through 4 pm, the workers spend two hours walking along the bridge after lunch before returning to their desks, and when they promise to deliver a worksheet or project "soon," it takes a week. Their sense of time is wholly different from the one I was trained in and the one they are trying to meld into. My ability to see

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