Matthew And Luke 's Birth Narratives Essay

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1. Matthew and Luke’s birth narratives have many obvious differences when you first read them. In Luke’s account he starts off with the birth of John, but in Matthews account he starts off with traces of Joseph’s family tree. Between these two accounts they are still portraying two different point of views. If we were to try and put the birth of John from Luke’s account in Matthews account it wouldn 't really change the story that much, but it would affect the entire format of Matthews gospel. When it comes to combining the two gospels it honestly would change the outcome of each story. If we were to put Matthews ending which is him wanting to dismiss Mary that wouldn 't fit in Luke’s gospel because that is never mentioned. 2. The two accounts differ from each other because they were written by two different people. When two people want to write about the same thing, of course there is going to be a conflict of interest. There is going to be two different perspectives. Luke believed that the angels and shepherds was more important to mention than Matthews account. In Matthews account he mentions the wise men and the star. Back then when all of this was being written down on paper Matthew and Luke had different opinions on the events that took place. That takes us back to the beginning of this paragraph where I stated that there would be two different stories because they came from two different perspectives. 3. According to Matthews and Luke 's account Jesus was born in…

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