Essay on Mathematics Of Mathematics And Education

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It is true that mathematics subject is totally different from other general subjects .In all over the world subject mathematics perceived as a core in educational will be better to say that mathematics is a science and used in daily life . Mathematical achievements can be monitored by teachers learning process and by science and education department .The aim of mathematics subject to develop a constructive approach and student must have the ability to construct their own internal structure for solving their problems by own knowledge .Different questions arises that how mathematics are tought in schools at primary level
Primary curriculum is classified into five catagaries;
1= Numbers
2= Algebra
3= Shapes and distance
5= Data collection
1=Numbers; Numbers are the language of mathematics for solving problems , calculations step by step .
2= Algebra; Algebra provides a sequence and patterns.
3= Shapes and distance;Expression with lines .
4= measurement ; Unites are the parts of measurements such as kg ,m , l, se .
5= Data collection; Aggregation of whole statement is called data and applied for formula .
.There for in 1983 international commission of Excellence was released a report named scholastic amplitude test of the board of college ,according to this report the average mathematics scores had below than 40% in this test united states students score were 30% , there are several causes…

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