Mass Shooting Is A Major Social Problem Essay example

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Topic Reflection Throughout our history, mass shooting has been one of the major social problem that we have been dealing with. The problem involving mass shooting is not just the problem for the United States of America, but it is the problem that the whole world is faced with. Mass shooting is a major social problem because it brings into question our national security and hatred towards different groups. There is many factor that can affect the mindset of a person. These factors can lead to a person to take drastic action. To solve the problem of people committing mass shooting and protect the lives of innocent people, then we have to step up to create awareness of the situation.

In the reading, mass shooting can be related to multiple conflicts like war. War is shown to be one of the conflict that is responsible for the death of countless lives. In war, many times armed forces would commit genocide to the opposing army civilians. The United States of America has also participated in many conflicts to protect their belief and their freedom, but in doing so, it ends up costing many lives. Terrorism is also another conflict that the world is facing because it involves an individual or an organization to do violent act against the people and the community. Terrorism is one of the major issue that influence the foreign policy of many countries to protect their people. There is multiple response in combating terrorism or war,…

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