Marriage Essay

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Kaitlyn Decker

Mrs. DeMarchi

English 4, Period 7

November 4, 2010

Marriage Essay

Marriage, like the United States Constitution, is a living, breathing object. The history of marriage for the American society was founded by different cultures such as Hebrew, Germanic, Roman and many more. Later it was shaped by the Christian church along with other factors displaying themselves in the country such as the Industrial Revolution and the Protestant Reformation. Marriage in the twenty-first century is also being changed with the society and world around it, not just socially but legally. Looking back into marriage during the nineteenth century many stereotypes from the twenty-first century can be seen, supported by facts. This
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Monogamy was and still is the only accepted form of marriage in both Catholic and Protestant countries, and as the United States during the nineteenth century was controlled by the Catholic community, it is easy to understand why the Mormon faith of polygamy was disvalued. The emancipation of marriage and divorce laws from under the thumb of the church resulted in large developments of individual freedom regarding marriage and dating. Parents began to lose influence over the marital choices of their children while romantic love finally became an important factor in marriage. These views on marriage have carried themselves out into the twenty-first century. But while these ideologies have stood the test of time, as have some more biblical senses that were seen in the nineteenth-century. Marriage for the twenty-first century American Society has differentiated itself almost entirely it seems from the nineteenth-century definition of marriage. While during the nineteenth-century, respect seemed to be out the window in terms of marriage, twenty-first century American’s want love and respect from their partner before they even consider marriage. While in the nineteenth-century women would be married off to men they may have just met for financial stability, women of the twenty-first century now choose to wait till late twenties, early thirties to consider marriage. The independency of women has been a huge factor in the adaption of marriage in the

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