Marriage Success Research Paper

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Hassan Alnesery
ELP# 120
Essay # 4
What makes the marriage’s success? The marriages have become like a cheap commercial goods in recent days. The love word had emptied of its content. Moreover, it became a movement between love and hate are among overnight. Therefore, it is difficult for a person to believe the existence of true love, does the marriage’s success exists. The marriages success grows between two lover’s partners, as small plant needs daily care to grow up to become a deep-rooted tree. The first meeting of the partners may exhibit some sort of satisfaction that gradually turns into admiration and over time could turn into love, then to marriages. But, how we can love to live on the family level? The marriage life where a lot
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The similarity of partner character is most important reasons for the success of the marital relationship. In addition, the similarity of the partners ensures harmony and increases the percentage of understanding between them, and help each other to make right decisions. The differences are opposite of similarity. The differences in personal values lead to the existence of conflicts and the permanent hassle. The similarity between the partners is creating an environment of sympathy, which promote the marriage relationship and increases of understanding. The partners must highlight their personal, and keen to disclosure and not to despair when the emergence of differences between them. The differences are great opportunities to understand the weak points and support the relationship between the partners. The opposite personality of partners are one of the main reasons that threat the marriage success. The similarity is important for the marital relationship in some aspects, in term of social, intellectual, educational, intelligence, talent and beauty …show more content…
There is no marriage can be sustained without equality factor. The prevailing view that the man must have the initiative on women. This is idea not correct. If, we want the continued success of the marital relationship, we must playing a big role for both partners. There are many people believe, that participation is confined to the financial aspect only. Also, they believe a woman must financially assistant her husband to cover the expenditure and other costs like rent, transport, food and others. While, equality is the participation of the husbands and wives in everything in their life, such as decision-making. The actions taken by one partner and negligent the other is not achieved the equality. As well as, the children cares is not for women allocated only, but, it’s the mission must be shared equally by the partners. The participation in the opinion and taking the fateful decisions is one of the most important reasons to continue of marital relationship in the family. Also, the equality in financial aspect is an important factor to overcome on the financial obstacles that face the family and threaten its existence. Ignoring the role of partner lead to the weakening of the marital relationship and might leads to the

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