The Bastard Out Of Carolina Analysis

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The question that will be addressed in regards to the book the Bastard Out of Carolina is:
“Think of the overall relationship between husbands and wives in the text. What does that suggest about this relationship in general? (Slip of Paper)”
Marriage is founded on the need of love, both husband and wife need to give and be given love to form a healthy marital relationship. Husband and wife relationships in the novel suggest that these relationships are founded in some sense of love, are an institution for generating families and are established with an aspiration for longevity. Throughout this novel the idea of marriage is question when it comes into comparison between marriages in today society. Society has portrayed this concept of marriage as more then just a passionate, emotional feeling of love
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Alma was struggling with her husbands infidelities, tries to leave him but because of all the grief from her sisters death and the death of her infant daughter Alma returns home to Wade with the idea to have another child. Wade refuses to “’give [her] a baby,’ because finds her repellant” (Allison 271) Wade used many different harmful words to insult her appearance and other things, which lead to Alma’s psychotic breakdown. Alma destroyed her house throwing everything on the lawn and threatening to kill her husband. The terrible things her husband is staying to her destroy her psychological mind; because of how he is treating her at is time of vulnerability from grief of her sister’s death and dissatisfaction of his infidelities. Society would have classified this relationship as psychologically unhealthy and this marriage to be degrading. Marriage is about promises and love keeping each other happy. Throughout this novel Alma and Wade’s marriage is all about their self-grief on each other imperfections, which is reality, causes many problems within

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