Marriage Between People Of The Same Gender Essay

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Well, my essay is about marriage between people of the same gender, i chose this topic because it made me very interested, since nowadays it is very common but society does not consider it a good thing.

To start off, should of know that is the marriage between people of the same sex, also is known as marriage homosexual, marriage equal or marriage gay, recognizes legal or socially a marriage formed by Contracting Parties of the same sex biological or legally recognized.

At present, many people say, believe, and believe that gay marriage is bad, for that as a boy or girl can have two dads or two moms, and those people believe this because by the morality that we have has been that a family must be formed by a dad, a MOM and the kids, because all the time has been so , because before was rare that had a "gay" or a "lesbian" in that then, or perhaps if existed but not it knew because to those people les gave fear tell it, and not it made to not be rejected in their families, in your community, or by fear to them do something. Good, that I think I. Currently the homosexuality is from fashion, because already is common find to a couple homosexual and marriages homosexual, already is very common view that... and I think that homosexual people who are thus born are few, the others make it by "experience", and because they occupy much the internet, because they see ads that promote homosexuality, famous people who "are now homosexual" and all the young people are guided by those…

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