What Is The Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Marriage takes place between two people that love each other. Until recently the act of marriage took place between male and female only. Now, same-sex marriage is becoming more common. The homosexual couple may have love shared between the two of them, but there are other things one must think about when talking about marriage. God made Adam and Eve, man and women, for a reason. If it were supposed to be two people of the same sex then he would have made it so. Yes, two people of the same sex can care deeply about one another, but should never share a sexual relationship.
Two people of the same sex aren’t meant to be together. It is like a puzzle, and their pieces don’t fit together. But, male and female pieces fit together perfectly. In health books, or when educating children about sexual intercourse, you never see two people of the same sex. This is because only men and women can reproduce together. Imagine trying to explain to a child why there is a picture of two men in the health book. It would be extremely difficult to explain to the kids why there are two daddies. This is why children are never educated about homosexual sex. Just like a puzzle, if you try cramming pieces together that don’t fit, it will never work and the final picture will never be seen, which in this case
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In my eyes this weakens the value of a heterosexual marriage. Because there are people that are now for gay marriage what was once a moral wrong is now becoming a civil right. People try to argue that homosexuals fighting for civil rights is like how African Americans fought for their rights during the late 1800s and into the 1900s. This is incorrect because the blacks were not breaking the requirements of nature. Nomatter what race you are, as long as the two people being wed are man and woman nature is being

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