Marketing: The Key Role Of Public Relations In An Organization

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 The role of Marketing
Marketing which contains how to produce, price, promote and distribute products, service or ideas is an indispensable part to an organization. The aim of marketing is meeting the demands of organizations or individuals through exchange and transactions. According to Didd (2012), selling products are most organizations’ aim, and directly, marketing activities are the key function to them. So the marketing plays a key role in connecting consumers and critical corporate elements, including the product, service delivery, and financial accountability in order to enable organizations to get benefit.

First of all, marketing establishes a connection between consumers and organizations to meet and find their demand. Christine
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No matter how good products of an organization are, if no one knows, the enterprise 's survival and development would be affected. Therefore, the primary factor in the development of enterprises is to enable customers to know about them thereby buying their products. Following this, managing crisis threatens company or product image is another role that public relations would do. Managing crisis is when an organization takes some measures to reduce the loss before a crisis or when a crisis occurred. It can maintain, restore or refresh the image of social organization. According to IPR (2007), the largest Mexico-style food supply company in the world, Taco Bell, suffered serious public relations crisis. "Green onions" that Taco Bell used to make food locked to the pathogenic source - E. coli which is known as the American table "poison tide" swept the nation again in several states in 2006. But Taco Bell informed this situation to the department of health and each chain and decided no longer using the "green onions" in the nation 's 5,800 stores. They also held a press conference and media interviews immediately and these public relations approaches eased the public 's panic, also, makes the company 's loss was to a minimum. Thirdly, public relations staffs would provide information about company’s operation to organization leaders or

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