Marketing Strategies For The Marketing Strategy Essay

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Enhancing customer experience has been a growing priority for marketers as it can be a core source of strengths for holding competitive advantage in the highly-competitive battleground. It is reported that the revenue produced from service based on the pleasant customer experience has increased to 75% and 85% of the whole economic growth in the USA and the UK, respectively (Tidd and Bessant, 2013). However, customers today are no longer easily to be pleased or tricked because they are more informed and active than ever before due to easier access to internet and other sources of information. Hence, increasing emphasis has been placed by practitioners (particularly online companies) on their customer experience building in order to win more customers in such a pressing environment. Just as Pine and Gilmore (1998) put that the current focus of marketplace should be the experiential marketing strategy in which customer experience is to be top priority in order to acquire more competitive advantages. Take Apple for example, the secret of how Steve Jobs has made Apple Inc. so successful is just that he always focused on the user experience (i.e.taking customer experience as the number one priority ), which is also why Apple products with higher prices compared to its competitors but still can gain the best profit margins (Miller, 2012). So what a superior customer experience is and how to deliver it become really important. Customer experience is consumers’ congtive and affective…

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