Marketing Strategies for Apple and Dell Essay

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Apple Inc. is a multinational organization that manufactures consumer electronics. Its best known for the Mac, the iPod, the I-Phone, the recently launched iPad and for software the Mac OS X, iTunes, iLife. It was established on April 1, 1976 in California. It changed its name to Apple Inc. from Apple Computer Inc. on 9th January, 2007 since it was changing its focus to consumer electronics from personal computers. As of 2009, 35000 employees are registered with Apple.
Apple is known to revolutionize the computer industry with its innovating and user-friendly devices which are powerful and look eye-candy.

Dell Inc. is a multinational organization that manufactures PCs and ropes related products and services. It was established in 1984
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Dell’s R&D consists of industries top-notch product designers and engineers and these people have helped spread the Dell Technology across the globe. The main reasons for Dell’s success and its innovation lie in its commitment to address its customer’s needs with new and better solution.
Problem 1:
Gartner Analyst asked twice the CEO and the chairman of the caompany, Michal Dell, Is the PC business, Dell's core business, "at risk?" If a user decides to move his client computing onto servers in the datacenter, Dell said that his company will be able to meet their need and that "in fact, we already do "Flexible Computing Solutions" was the strategy used by the compny in order to response to the need of their consumers. Just today, for case in point Dell stated that they had introduced a product which streamed the operating system as well the applications to a diskless desktop and he named it as Demand Desktop Streaming. While he agreed that it would cost an amount to its customers, it will affectively shift the costs to the servers and storage and hence he stated it as a solution to the problem.
After leaving the chairman post Dell came back as CEO of his company early this year. Dell also faced many challenges from there rival HP. After Dell came backhe said he was concentrating to "bring back the customer-centricity" into the company. "I think we lost some of that customer focus." Now they are increasing their focus on new

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