Essay on Marketing Segmentation

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Key Management Issues to be Solved:
There is a major opportunity to open two retails store in nearby communities, one being a sporting goods accessories line of products aimed at consumers who love canoeing, backpacking, and mountain biking in the Canton, Georgia area and the other being a “dive-shop” product accessories line to consumers who love boating, scuba, and snorkeling in the Woodstock, Georgia area. A good retail location is a key determinate of the future retail success and determining demographics and lifestyle descriptions would help in finding and developing the right dealers or stores as customers in these two markets.
Background of the Problem:
First, it is important to understand the meaning behind marketing
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Business should aim to define themselves in the eyes of their customers in regards to their competition.” After watching the first YouTube video that was provided, there are quite a few main concepts of consumer segmenting, targeting, and positioning. Market segmentation is the matching of the product with the right customers with certain characteristics. Age, lifestyle, occupation, nationality, marital status, if they have children, where they live are all a few examples of characteristics. Once the characteristics are determined the company can decide what to focus the marketing on. A target market is a group of characteristics in which a business has decided to aim their products towards. Finally, positioning is when a business identifies a marketing problem and has then chosen to carry out their objectives. One strategy to help a small business identify target markets could be to create a customer profile. This would essentially be a very detailed description of the targeted demographic.
Research Found and Key Findings:
Taken from an article regarding the best cities to live in Georgia, Canton was voted as the number one city. “This is the quintessence of a charming Georgian city. From the beautiful, historic downtown, to the community events like the Downtown Farmers Market, the Festival of Arts in May. Canton ranked well in our analysis for its low

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