Essay on Marketing Plan For Our Target Market

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In our target market were included people aged 25-40 years with high or middle income, which have their own children. Target market will not be divided on geographic areas in order to reach our wide range of intended consumers. Thus, we will implement concentrated targeting strategy. For our consumers we provide program that gives the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from his/her relative like from real person. This possibility arises from the fact that we collect, analyze and store information taken from customer’s relative and from his/her social networks. The main place where we are going to put our product 's advertising is internet. We will set banner ads on sites with high attendance and post some videos on YouTube about the product. In order to keep loyal consumers with us, we will give discounts for families, if one of their member is already our customer. In addition, internet is used as a place for selling and we will not put the product in real stores. We will apply direct selling channel to reach customers without any intermediaries. In pricing, our company is profit-orientated and we target return on investment. We use skimming strategy, because we do not have any competitors on the market. The most costly parts are promotion and servers for combined data.

We will use a concentrated targeting strategy. There are many aspects to each individual’s life, so we have acknowledged the components of multiple variables such as demographic,…

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