Marketing Plan For Eli 's Beauty Service Essay

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The Marketing Plan
Elibah Bey
Kaplan University

The purpose of this paper is to create and describe the marketing plan for Eli’s Beauty Service, which will offer a variety of spa and salon services to a specific target market. I will describe the target market and the place where my business will be located and how the location caters to my target market. Additionally, I will describe how my business will be promoted and advertised in order to inform and publicize the business to my target market. Moreover, I will provide a three-month budget layout for advertising via different sources that cost money. Finally, I will describe how the success of specific marketing efforts will be measured.

Target Market
According to Longenecker, Petty, Palich, & Hoy (2013, p 183), market is defined as “a group of customers or potential customers who have purchasing power and unsatisfied needs”. Based on the database information in the table below, my business will target the 2016 middle class income bracket Atlanta population of both sexes who are 15 and older, “irrespective of race, ethnic community, religion, and place of residence (urban or rural)” (Company Analysis, 2015). The business core competencies are diversity, quality and professionalism; in order to “ensure that, no one is discriminated” against, everyone feels satisfied, and gain competitive advantage over competitors (Company Analysis, 2015).
The following table displays the population demographics in the…

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