Case Study: Declutter Coach

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Marketing Objectives
Marketing objectives are set by marketers to assist in obtaining the ultimate end, an increase in sales. Marketers set objectives and then develop strategies to reach these objectives in a timely and efficient manner.
The marketing objectives set by Declutter Coach include, establishing a reputation as one of the top ten experts in the industry and developing a cross-promotion of the book with key expert partners. Each of these goals will aid in making Declutter Coach more visible to potential customers thereby making it more likely to be purchased.
Tutors by the Numbers have several marketing objectives, including, increasing marketing hours to 200+, improve web usage and traffic by 300% over the next three years, and
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How a product is positioned will be a driving factor in how the product is will be viewed by potential customers.
Declutter Coach is planning on promoting their coaching services to a specific demographic as a high end service. By positioning their services in this way, they will be able to focus their marketing towards a very specific subculture and create value through their promotional methods.
The product positioning strategy Tutors by the Numbers focuses on is towards a specific demographic, with the highest quality service available to the customer. They plan on highlighting their flexible, efficient, and effective tutoring methods that reaching the students where they are at. This can become a very attractive selling point for their targeted customers, parents.
Finally, Marketing Coach is going to focus on positioning their product as a high end service that will meet the needs of the customers where they are at. Marketing Coach also seeks to position their business as an equal with their customers in order to be seen as a trustworthy source of
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However not many details or plans for development are clearly outlined in the marketing strategy. Therefore, it would be prudent for Declutter Coach to focus on developing their strategy further.
The strategy development in Tutors by the Numbers’ plan emphasizes tracking of progress and exceeding expectations both in the service and in the business. Tracking will be accomplished through the Gap Dashboard and the tutors are trained to exceed the customers’ expectations. Having this plan laid out will allow for efficient and effective application of their marketing strategy.
Finally, Marketing Coach has decided to evaluate the week points in the market and any changes they are considering implementing. In particular, they will evaluate the up-selling and the extensive educational material in the market and then compare it to the potential to start promotions earlier in the sales process and the reasons why people aren’t reading the educational material they have received. This strategy will allow Marketing Coach to focus in on the issues and all possible solutions in order to discover the most efficient and effective

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