Declutter Coach: Marketing Strategies

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Competition affects every part of a business’ marketing plan, as it is the competition that will play a major factor in the productivity of the business. Therefore, it is essential that a business marketing strategy considers the competition.
Some of the major competition that Declutter Coach will face include, maid services,, and organizational guides. These each present a slightly different type of competition, from other people doing the work for the customer to the customer do the work on their own with a do-it-yourself style guide. This will challenge Declutter Coach to be dynamic in their marketing approaches.
Tutors by the Numbers’ major competition include, other tutors, online study aids, and the parents themselves.
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Therefore, opportunities can be developed into strengths. Thus, it is prudent for businesses to seek out opportunities and expand them to their fullest potential.
Declutter Coach is faced with a few opportunities, including people’s desire for more cleanliness and order in their lives. People are also looking for ways to do things for cheaper and on their own, so it would be prudent for Declutter Coach to emphasize these points in their marketing strategy.
Some of the opportunities in Tutors by the Numbers’ market include, busyness of parents, higher income families, and new techniques for teaching students. These can be exploited by emphasizing the simplicity and ease of using Tutors by the Numbers as well as the effectiveness of their coaches.
Finally, Marketing Coach’s opportunities include, manufacturers’ frustration with marketing agencies only improving the professional look of the business, being seen as a reliable marketing source, and being on the top four highest sought search terms. Each of these, if developed properly can lead to greater profitability for the business.
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With the increase in do-it-yourself marketing books, it will be important for Marketing Coach to prove their value. While businesses have to option to hire a marketing expert or develop their own marketing expert, Marketing Coach has the opportunity to promote themselves as a cheaper and more effective alternative.
Marketing markets simply refers to the customers that are capable and potentially interested in purchasing a specific product. These markets generally excludes those potential customers who are illegal or may intend to purchase the product illegally. Markets allow marketers to focus on specific portions of the culture instead of having to promote to the culture as a whole.
Declutter Coach’s market includes New York female home owners between the ages of 30 and 50. To narrow it down even further, Declutter Coach has specified a specific value range for the homes/condos which will assist in targeting a specific customer income

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