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Promotion Exceptional promotion of the Campus Valet webpage is essential because of the unique service being offered. Since Campus Valet is offering a service and there is no tangible aspect such as a store or product, it would likely remain unheard of without proper promotion. During the promotion process it was critical to select the most suitable method of promotion and to create a specific target market. To begin the promotion process, we chose a specific goal we wished to accomplish for the webpage. Which was to generate as much traffic on the site as possible and attract future costumers to the service. To begin attaining this goal we had to look at several different methods of promotion and decide which would work best for Campus Valet. There are several different methods including advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and direct marketing. It was easy to …show more content…
Also ruling out sales promotion because not yet was there a real feasible product or service to offer. After dismissing these two options, we relied heavily on personal communication channels to promote. With webpage views as our main goal we used personal selling tactics to encourage peers and others in the target market to visit the webpage. To do this, we would inform them of the webpage and the basic concept and encourage them to visit the Campus Valet site. We also did this in the form of social media by posting on Facebook and Twitter a direct link to the webpage and a couple of sentences explaining what it was. Personal selling was very helpful in the process, but the biggest impact came from direct marketing. We were able to use direct marketing by sending the link and a brief introduction of the webpage to specific individuals who were in the target market. According to feedback from peers, some individuals said that they looked over it when seeing it on the Facebook feed,

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