Marketing Plan and Situational Analysis for Nintendo Wii Essay

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Audit Report:
Marketing Plan and Situation Analysis for Nintendo Wii

Wii’s Macroenvironment

The Nintendo Wii’s macroenvironment consists of many components that the company has been able to successfully use to their advantage. They have developed a product that has completely revolutionized the gaming industry. Nintendo has done their research, and managed to expand their target market to people who would never think about gaming. They have successfully produced a product that almost everyone can enjoy.

Societal Trends

To begin with, the Nintendo Wii is a global product with a target audience of people, women and men alike, who are not the typical core gamers. These include older females, seniors, and people
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And even gamers admit that playing does help them escape the humdrum of their everyday lives and gain a sense of accomplishment for a game well-played.

Nintendo must also keep an eye on the situation of developing countries worldwide. There are many new markets opening up on the global front as countries progress in their developmental stages. Places like India and China can prove to be gold mines for the Wii, because of their increasing spending power. As these countries develop more and more into the markets like the United States, they will increase their ability to affect global markets.

Social Trends

One social trend in the United States that the Wii has been able to target is a form of entertainment that is interactive. People all over the country are purchasing the game Rock Band, which allows groups of individuals to play Wii designed instruments and act like they a’re in a band. Even in restaurants and bars, this trend of interactive gaming is sweeping across the nation. One restaurant in North Hollywood has a special night where they set up all the instruments for Rock Band. People and their friends can get together, sing songs, and compete to see who is the best karaoke band. The Wii also has an American Idol game that allows individuals to sing into a Wii microphone, and the game monitors their tone and level of singing. Individuals score points for their accuracy, allowing for a highly

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