Marketing Of Products And Commodities Essay

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Marketing of products or commodities should not be any different from marketing of services, both must be given same urgencies and strategies to achieve success from targeted audience or market. However, the notion of marketing services the same as physical product is not far away, although its actual implementations includes the people, process and proof of the services’ offered on to top of the 4 Ps approach of marketing. Marketing in general, can be defined as, the process of implementing all plans and strategies including product, pricing, promotion and place (distribution) of products from factory to consumer. Freight forwarding is a service industry that relies heavily on third party providers to assist them to deliver a service to their clients. The major distinguishing factors differentiating service marketing from physical products are also the characteristics of the services’ as a product offered to satisfy a customer’s need form a want in returned for financial gain to provider. Here are some elements of service-related products that needs to be considered when marketing services; intangibility, Inseparability, variability or inconsistency and perishability. One the other hand, physical products such as cell phone, wrist watches, shoes to mention a few, mostly adhere to regular marketing mix approach due its feel, touch, returnable and possession nature to it. This brief essay also proceeds to explain some of the similarities and differences in marketing…

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