Marketing Mix Of The Hospitality Industry Essay

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Success in the hospitality industry, in particular the restaurant area, depends on some very important criteria for success such as product, place/location, pricing, and promotional aspects. These four components constitute the marketing mix, and these elements comprise the 4 P’s of this marketing mix. As a student in a hospitality class, one becomes very familiar and knowledgeable of the application of these components.

Thus, the owner of an ice cream establishment known as The Sweet Spot shared the information that his business was slowing down because there is decreasing traffic, hence minimial demand for the product, ice cream, as a result profits dropped. This is a concern because Tom, the owner, since this establishment is Tom ultimate dream of his life. The data gathered relates that the principle product is a premium homemade ice creams in ingenious flavors such Toasted Almond Peanut Butter Smash ice cream as prepared on site. He, also, offers Italian sodas, as well as, coffee, usually served to the local businessperson.

Further observations establish that as far as the place or location, this downtown area is busy with a high volume of foot traffic, even though the owner of the shop sees little of it. Moreover, there is no readily available parking, as well as the sign denoting The Sweet Shop is small, as well as, inconspicuous. Additional information gathering reveals that the owner only promotes his business via the local newspaper with an insignificantly…

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