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MN2061K Analysis of a Marketing News Story

I. Introduction

According to Bloomberg news article (Appendix.1) “HTC Mimics Apple Marketing Strategy to Regain Customers”. We can see that HTC understand the need to have a relevant marketing strategy to attract consumers and recover the lost grounds.

HTC is a Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer that started out manufacturing mobile devices by allowing telecommunication operators to put their names on the phone.
HTC expanded their focus with Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system (OS) software based devices to devices based on the Android OS.

In the Bloomberg’s Tech news section the journalist reported that HTC loss half of its market share due to fierce competitions from the
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When advertising they tried to pool all the products into an advertisement. (Chiang, 2012)
“The model names were all over the place. Consumers were unclear about how each product was positioned," says the general manager of one mobile phone contractor.
The executive recalls seeing an HTC ad on a Taipei bus, promoting four or five phone models. "You couldn't remember which model the company was actually selling," he said”
This has clearly restricted the reach of its advertisement and bringing down the sales.


According to (Kotler and Armstrong et al. 2013, p. 418) “Advertising is a form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services.”
Advertising should allow consumers understand more about the product, not misguiding. (Graziano 2013) “Next is the company’s advertising, which has been somewhat misguided in the past. Rather than showing us how a skydiver might use an HTC phone, hopefully the company will focus on how it’s One can perform key functions better than market leaders like the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy phones.”
III. What marketing implication does the news story raise?

Although HTC has done a great job engineering and design its smartphone’s hardware capabilities (Jennings 2013)“Cutting-Edge Devices vs. Blunt Marketing At HTC”
They neglected the fact that consumers will need to understand and

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